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How To Know That a Website is Safe To Use

By February 18, 2022No Comments

With so many online scams plaguing Americans every day, there are a number of essential things that you do to check whether a website is safe or not. There are a number of elements to a website that can flag as warning signals and whether you are looking to borrow money or purchase something online, it is so important to look out for these cues to avoid your data being stolen or charged money with no chance of getting it back.


Ways to Check That a Website is Safe to Use


  • If offering a consumer finance product, are they listed on the SEC register
  • Do they have a real office address and phone number
  • Are there spelling errors and mistakes on the website
  • Do they have real reviews from real customers
  • Do they have a presence on social media
  • Do they have a secured server (https)
  • Do they charge money upfront or require you to pay money before your loan or product is approved (this is a flag!)


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