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The Finger Finance Scholarship

Enter To Be Awarded $500 Towards Your Education

Here at Finger Finance, one of our main focal points is helping to educate individuals of all ages on financial awareness in order for them to make better life choices. The Finger Finance Scholarship Award will reward 1 student with a $500 contribution towards their education. To enter, students must submit a 1000 word answer to the question "What is The Best Way To Manage Your Savings?"

Who Can Apply For The Finger Finance Scholarship?

If you are a current or future college student and are preparing for a career in the finance industry, studying a subject such as Economics, Math, Business, Management or Accounting, you can apply to our scholarship award. We also encourage those with an interest in finance to enter, even if they are studying other disciplines.

To qualify, there are specific criteria that a student needs to meet. These include:

  • An average GPA of 2.5 minimum
  • Be a future or current college student
  • Complete a 1000 word essay submission

When Is The Essay Deadline?

The deadline for the Finger Finance scholarship award is on April 5th annually. You must submit your essay at least 10 days before the winner is announced, otherwise your submission will not be considered.

The winners of the scholarship award will have 10 days to accept the award or another winner will be chosen from the essay submissions. The funds for the winning applicant will be sent to the chosen university no later than 3 weeks from the time the winning student has been notified. A breakdown of this can be seen below:

April 5th: Last day to enter a submission

April 15th: Winner announced

April 25th: Last day winner will have to accept the award

May 18th: Latest date funds will be sent to the university if the first winner accepts the award

Can I Apply For the Scholarship From Anywhere In the US?

Yes, Finger Finance’s Scholarship is available to all students. If you attend a university in the United States or an American accredited university across the globe, then you are eligible to participate.

How To Apply For Finger Finance's Scholarship

To apply for Finger Finance’s Scholarship, you will need to email with the following information:
  • Your name
  • Your current GPA
  • The name of your college or university
  • Your educational status
  • Your essay attached in PDF format

Terms and Conditions


The Finger Finance scholarship is available to anyone who is a US citizen, permanent resident or international student at high school or college / university. Entrants can be on either a part time or full time course. Finger Finance accepts all applicants who fit this criteria, regardless of race, origin, religion, gender or disability.

All entries from applicants must be plagiarism free and unique; any submission that is deemed to be copied will be rejected immediately. Entries will be assessed by an unbiased representative.

The $500 scholarship award comes with no fees or costs for any applicants. The most successful applicant will be chosen solely by the discretion of Finger Finance. Subject to approval from the winner, Finger Finance will be able to publish the name of the winner on our website, and the scholarship funds will be sent directly to the current or future place of attendance of the winner. The funds will then be disbursed as financial aid.