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Find The Best Short Term Loans With Finger Finance - Get Started Below!

Get the Best Short Term Loans on the Same Day to cover unexpected expenses! Finger Finance can help to get you a $500, $1,000 or $2,000 Payday Loan, to be repaid over 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

Apply today for instant approval, bad credit and no credit check options. Click on the ‘Get Started’ button below now!

Apply For A Short Term Loan In Three Easy Steps

Follow the following three steps to apply with Finger Finance and to receive short term funds:


Step 1 - Apply Online Using Our Form

Use our easy online form to enter your information, including your name, contact, income and bank details. This will only take a few minutes.


Step 2 - Get Matched With The Best Lender

Finger Finance only works with legitimate lenders, making sure that you are being offered fair rates with terms to suit you.


Step 3 - Receive Funds Quickly

Once your application has been approved, you could receive your funds in as soon as one hour into your checking account, and almost always within 24 hours!

Where Can I Find A Short Term Loan Near Me?

Finger Finance has short term loan options in almost every state of the US, so we can connect your loan request with a local provider and help you find the quickest, effective and most affordable option.

What Is A Short Term Loan?

A short term loan allows you to borrow between $100 to $35,000 but for a short-term period of just a few months. At Finger Finance, we offer loans that are repaid over 1 to 60 months in equal installments and they are designed to tide you over until you get into a better financial position, or perhaps if you have a particular purchase or expense, such as a new car, starting a business, debt consolidation or even a wedding.

You can receive money upfront and use this for your purchase and then you simply repay the loan each month and this is collected on a date that you agree with the lender, usually the last working day of the month when you receive your salary from work.

Examples of short term loans include unsecured, payday and installment loans, since these are usually for a short-term purposes and are not for the long-term, such as a mortgage.

At Finger Finance, we work with a number of short term lenders in the USA, including stores and apps, so that you have a wide choice and can be connected to the right lender for you.

Can I Get A Short Term Loan With Bad Credit?

Yes, it is possible to receive a short term loan with bad credit with Finger Finance. You just need to make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria which includes being over 18 and having a stable employment and income so that you can afford to repay your loan on time.

At Finger Finance, we understand that keeping a perfect track record when it comes to your credit history is not always possible and there are emergencies that can happen. But if you are committed to repaying your loan on time each month, we are delighted to offer a a number of short term lenders that can assist you today.

Not every lender specializes in good credit loans, some of our partners offer products for people with bad credit. To facilitate this, they may offer slightly higher rates, or longer term loans which give you more breathing space to pay back. Our partners may also suggest products such as secured loans or title loans against your car, which means that you do not need a good credit score to be eligible.

Why Should I Apply For A Short Term Loan With Finger Finance?

When looking for short term loan companies, Finger Finance is delighted to be here for you when needed. With a fully online process and no upfront fees, we aim to get you a loan decision and funds into your bank account as fast as we can.

Acting as a loans connection service, we can significantly maximize your chances of being approved and funded today. Rather than going to each lender one-by-one or queuing up at the bank – we can connect you to over 50 competitive lenders immediately and you will be presented with the most affordable loan offer, personalized just for you.

With options available for bad credit scores and no credit checks, we have successfully helped thousands of customers to date and are pleased to be your short term loans partner. Plus, we take extra precaution to keep your details safe and we will not pass these on to any other companies without your permission.

Can I Get A Short Term Loan Without Credit Checks?

If you are looking for short term loans without credit checks, this might be tricky since most of our lenders will run a credit check to confirm your eligibility. After all, being able to see your previous credit history and how well you have paid other types of loans or credit cards is a good indication of your future behaviour.

But if you want no credit check loans, Finger Finance have a number of lenders on our panel who can accommodate different requirements and circumstances – so do not worry!

For example, you may be presented with an option from a credit union, an app or even a secured product such as a title loan or home loan, where you require collateral and your credit score is not required.

Am I Eligible To Apply For A Short Term Loan With Finger Finance?

You can apply for a short term loan with Finger Finance as long as you meet these following four requirements:

  • Are over 18 years of age
  • Have American citizenship
  • Have a minimum monthly income of $800
  • Have a current account for us to deposit funds into

How Do Short Term Loan Repayments Work With Finger Finance?

Your short term loan repayments are collected in equal monthly installments, depending on the duration of your loan which ranges from 1 to 60 months.

Our repayments are collected automatically using a system known as ACH which means that collections are taken automatically from your account on the due date, which is usually the last working day of the month.

This means that payments are taken automatically and therefore you do not need to call up, make a manual payment or go to the bank, since this is all straightforward.

You will always have the option to repay your loan early by contacting the lender directly. In fact, clearing your account could save you a lot of money since less interest is adding up. So the longer you keep your loan open, the more it will cost.

Frequently Asked Questions About Short Term Loans

How Much Can I Borrow With Finger Finance?

With Finger Finance, you could find fast cash loans ranging from $100 to $35,000 – with the amount you can borrow based on factors like your monthly income, credit status and affordability. Other factors that may be considered by lenders include your residence (homeowners are often preferred), age and whether you have any other similar loans open too.

Can I Get A Short Term Loan If I Am Unemployed?

Finger Finance will usually need to confirm the income and conduct a credit check for all our customers. It is often quite hard to find a loan for people who are unemployed, however, you may be able to use some collateral that you own such as a car or home to borrow the money you need.

Is Finger Finance A Direct Lender?

Finger Finance is a broker, not a direct lender. This means that if you are approved, we will not provide the funds to you as a direct lender. Instead, we connect you to the lender that is best suited to your situation from our trusted panel.

Is There A Price Cap On Short Term Loans?

Yes, interest rate price caps exist on all the loans that our lenders offer, but the size of the cap will ultimately depend on the state you live in. In some states, such as Colorado and Nebraska, the cap is set at 36%, whereas in others, the cap can be much higher. Price caps on loans are designed to prevent predatory lending.

Can I Repay My Short Term Loan Early?

Yes, you have the option to repay your short term loan early at any time, so even if your loan is 6 months long, you can repay over 2 or 3 months in full if you prefer and you will often save money on the overall interest charged.

Does Finger Finance Charge Any Upfront Fees?

No, Finger Finance will never charge you an upfront fee for using our service. Instead, we take a fee or commission from the lender if your application is approved and successful. The lenders will charge a daily or monthly interest if your loan is active and this will be presented to you in writing before you proceed.

Will Applying For A Short Term Loan Impact My Credit Score?

No! When you apply, Finger Finance will only ever conduct a soft credit search which will not have any impact on your credit score and will not leave any footprint on your credit history.